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  • Ken McKenzie, PABA Executive Director
  • Welcome to our new PABA website! We're excited to be part of the PABA re-branding effort that has established a new association logo with our volunteer elected leadership re-visiting why PABA was founded and sharing ideas how we can offer unique, 'boutique styled' educational and business-purposed programs, products and services to best serve our membership companies and employees. 

    We look forward to addressing future opportunities in meeting members' needs; all with the intent of fulfilling our association's purpose and mission! 

    We'll try to share routine blog comments here; commenting on what we experience and see all around us in the greater Plover area; providing leadership tips, business success thoughts and providing other commentary as we contribute to making Plover the best place possible to live, work, play and succeed!  

    Your helpful comments and shared thoughts are most welcome! 

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